Monday, 24 November 2008

Went to see the Queen.....

but I got as far as Portobello Road market which was canny but a lesson learnt..Pixies should not buy expensive snake skin retro handbags from a dodgy woman (even though she was in the Good Fairy arcade) ~ she did tell me that the snake had not been killed on purpose but had shed it skin - oh yeah - anyway more money than sense Pixie bought it - swanned off to Fenwicks yesterday dangling it from my arm and the bloody handle snapped - oh great. Now luckily it is a two handle bag but even so the prospect is now looming of hoying a bit of chain on it was really is not that aesthetically pleasing but I promise I will never ever purchase something made of dead snake ever ever again.

Not good karma because on the way through the market I thought I would buy a couple of pie's for my tea (got in about 9.30 too late to cook, not that I do much of that, I digress) - and considering I am a vegetarian (please God forgive me for snake) I bought a mushroom one and a leak and cheese one - yummy, carefully placed them in ones bag and minced off down the street to the train - being very careful on the way.... thats the first part of the not good Karma story...

Second part follows the fab half an hour spent at St Pancras Champagne Bar before crossing over to Kings Cross where were were frisked for hidden bottles of wine (as if) but we had been playing Chelsea - so a dry train - mmmmmm

Third part whilst munching into a wee snack before getting home for my pie's (posh pies mind) my veneer on my front tooth split - brilliant I knew it was dodgy and a bit had come off before anyway it will have to wait until after Christmas and after I have a few weddings in the bag as this is going to be mega expensive......again I am really really sorry about the snake,

Then when I got home I went downstairs to check on Granma Pixie and the antics of son of Pixie and wild Pixie got back upstairs and guess what Stella (the old Jack Russell who never ever moves out of her basket) had managed to open the zipper of my over night bag and had stolen one of my pies (mushroom variety) - it was there lying in her basket half eaten and for a nano second I was tempted - but on remembering the poor snake I left it alone.

So whoever rules this world please take heed that I will never ever again purchase a snakeskin bag from a dodgy woman even if she was under the banner of a Good Fairy

Oh the tribulations continue do they not x

Monday, 17 November 2008

Scratchy Scratchy

Baby pixie could sit on her hair ~ she can't now!

Her lasting memory of her first hair cut at the age of 8 and 3/4 will be her Mother taking a pair of kitchen scissors on a cold Sunday night and lobbing it all off then taking her to the late night Co-op and buying her a Beano ~ the reason for such action ~ only NITS ~ as I type I am scratching the top of my head and as you are reading this I bet you cannot contain yourself.

One was actually walking across her forehead and as they say in the North East she was lifting....

But not anymore Pixie here only phoned NHS Direct - well action was required, not that they were much help on the Nit front - but I did eventually get the address of an out of ours chemist which happened to be in the middle of the biggest drug den in the North East - well it would be wouldn't it ~ I did take son of Pixie to ride shot gun up front in my Beetle but in fairness he was useless and we did get lost on numerous occasions.

Task, however, was completed but as we got hopelessly lost I jumped out of the car and shouted excuse me excuse me you no one in particular and this kind man who had just popped out for a chicken fried rice took pity on us and we ended up in his car and her took us to the chemist, waited for us and brought us back to the car - there are nice people out there only when he asked what was the matter with Baby P ..........I couldn't do it ~ so we spent 5 minutes talking about chest infections ....I did have my fingers crossed.

Now go and have a scratch xxx

Friday, 14 November 2008

Pixies are always busy near Christmas

Well that is my excuse for not blogging so much but the trials and tribulations go on. A weeks holiday was to be the highlight of my year ~ what did I do ~ only manage to fall down the back stairs and am still convinced I have broken something but oh no Mr P convinced he is some type of Paramedic assured me elevation and ice was the answer......3 weeks later it still throbs but now the prospect of wearing one of those delightful plastic boots is not really appealing so I shall hobble on.

The day before I managed to acquire another dog - or he acquired us. Mr P owns a boat ~ not to be confused with anything in the luxury department ~ no this is more Primark definitely not Harvey Nicks ~ anyway it occasionally goes fast and it floats.

So whilst meandering up the Tyne this Patterdale Terrier jumped onto our boat and the rest is history ... he is lovely though x

And of course I have had another colonic - well it had to be done had it not, the only thing was to decide whether to have the tuna cheese melt before or after ~ I had visions of seeing it float by in the debris so I saved it for later ha ha.

Oh and I still have the false nails on which are a complete nightmare - lovely but not practical for a photographer - indeed not.

~ being accosted by teddy bears and men dressed up like bandits first thing in the morning is not amusing (Children in Need) ~ pixie in fright more like xx

Toodle x

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Pixie Health Warning

Something to share for those of us who when walking through Fenwicks as is my want, come across the Clarins counter - hey Pixie come here and see what we have for you, now all you have to do is purchase two items, one of which has to be skin care and you get all these lovely gifts free...not only that but if you buy a third item you get to pick from out lucky dip ....well needless to say on the Metro going home I had to take a double seat with all the "freebies" the kind lady gave me.

Unfortunately what she did not say was that when you delve into the "is your body thirsty and needs a drink" part of the "exceptional" gift - and if you think your little Pixie bottom is a tad dry (especially when Mr P is on his way home from foreign climes) - DO NOT and I stress DO NOT after administering said cream to ones bum not go for a wee because like me you will slide off the seat fall to your knees, trip on your 'G' and bang your head on the wash-hand basin (mine being particularly nice as its Victoria)...but it hurt x

Nice smooth bum though xxx

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Some Pixies Get Flowers

As you know Mr P sails the high seas and a good job it is sometimes I have to say - absence etc etc but just to enlighten the masses I am Mrs P the 3rd. The other wives in his heyday got to sail with him to America, New Zealand and Canada - where have I been .....Hartlepool ... so with this back drop in mind would you not think that Mr P has a lot of ground to make up?

Bearing that in mind and the fact that his trip has extended now to over 8 weeks you can imagine my delight when a delivery van drew up looking for Mrs P - my enthusiasm knew no bounds ....what did I get...the biggest and best bunch of flowers - no..... underwear in a box covered in tissue - 5 packs of ******* floor tiles for his sodding boat !

And and and I have to carry them home pack by pack - on the Metro - and considering today is Tuesday I have 3 more packs to go after today - marvelous!!!!!!!!!

What can I say xxx

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Ridiculous Even for me!

I am trying to be good, I really am - the credit crunch supposedly has hit the Pixie household but this little baby hasn't quite got the hang of it. As we speak I have a 1950's converted theatre light on an antique tripod stuffed into a Waitrose bag (the light not the tripod) - the bag is in front of me as I type and the light is nestled between a pack of stuffed peppers and a box of Kellogs Crunchy Nut.

The story is once I get something I have to either wear it like now, spray it right now or in this particular case plug it in right now.

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar to the Newcastle Metro System I have to get on at St James (home of the "Toon") and at best there are some dodgy characters at worst we are playing Tottenham - I digress - anyway getting this light home is going to be no easy task.

The ridiculous thing is it cost £450, came in a huge box and was swaddled with oodles of bubble wrap - and what do I go and do!

Hey man Pixie has lost the plot xx

Monday, 22 September 2008

Hey Man

What with Kevin Keegan leaving and the Paps being outside my office along with disgruntled fans, too many weddings to shake a stick at ~ a wayward son coming back from Oz - not to mention wild child of Pixie who has created havoc in the Pixie Household this summer I really just have not had time to Blog.

Not an excuse I know.

Well it is the turn of the year and I still haven't had a holiday. Mr P is sunning himself in the Gulf of Wherever - actually he has been dodging Gustav and Ike but is due home soon.

I have a new (well new to me) black beetle which I am debating having a Pixie painted on the side - such a girlie thing but its fab so that is taking up mt attention - also still debating whether to give up the day job mmmmmmmm - we shall see.

Well you probably have all deserted me, and it serves me right.

Oh and I am still keeping Fenwicks French afloat although I have now discovered Primark xxxxxxxxx

Toodle x