Friday, 7 December 2007

Reflexology Rocks

Oh what a treat and I have just discovered the difference between foot rub and foot massage - oooh 45 minutes of pure delight. Wrapped up in warm towels listening to the sound of crashing waves on a distant shore, twinkling lights and the smell of frankensence - fabulous.

Working down the menu of sensual pleasures my next adventure is "hot stones" mmmmm I cannot wait.

Can you tell I have an absent husband.

Girls my hot tip is to get a significant other half to grap hold of your big toe and middle toe and pull in different directions whilst gently rubbing in a circular motion - oh yes x


The Divine Miss M said...

I don't know why but I have a complete aversion to feet :( So I won't be taking your tip.

I'm really enjoying your blog :)

maxxo said...

my mum is a reflexologist. she's cured infertility and everything. i can't have her do mine though ... ticklish, see.